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Panagbenga | Baguio Flower Festival

Panagbenga Festival 2009 a Flower Festival in Baguio

Panagbenga is known as Baguio’s annual flower festival wherein it celebrated for a whole month of February. The word Panagbenga is came from Malayo-Polynesian which means a season of blooming, before they called it Panagbenga it was known for Baguio Flower Festival in which it is a way of treasuring the city’s flowers and for the commemoration of those people who lost their lives in the 1990 Luzon k-i-l-l-e-r earthquake.

Panagbenga 2009 a Flower Festival in Baguio

Baguio Flower Festival was established its name on 1995 by Attorney Damaso Bangaoet Jr. and Victor A. Lim which is primary objectives is to helped local residents new generations specially those indigenous people (katutubo) in rebuilding and rediscovering cultures traditions, because of this festival Panagbenga is now considered as one of the tourist attraction in Baguio. With the helped of archivist and curator Ike Picpican on 1996, Baguio Flower Festival was renamed Panagbenga which is came from Kankanaey term known for its meaning season of blossoming, time for flowering.

Watch the videos of Panagbenga Festival 2009

Panagbenga Festival 2009 Opening Ceremony Fireworks


Panagbenga Festival 2009 Parade


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